1. When will the avatar be released?
- The Moppet Avatar will be released 5/26/2018!

2. Will my old Totsi clothes work?
- No - because the new mesh fixes many of the rigging problems found with the current Totsi mesh body and the existing Totsi clothing was made for the current Totsi avatar, the new avatar won't be able to wear the designs that are already for sale. We already have dozens of new mesh clothing items made for the upcoming avatar and plan to make more! Please contact Mallory Witt or Hana Gloom should you be interested in designing/meshing clothing to be ready to sell at the time of release. 

3. Do I get it free?
- No, the Moppet line is entirely separate from the Totsipop brand, so updates are not possible.  HOWEVER, the Totsipop G2 model avatar will continue to receive free updates regularly - coming soon is the Bento head, hands and feet for the toddler and baby Totsi G2 avis.

4. Is there a group?
-Yes!  Come join!  Copy and paste this link into SL chat, and be linked immediately secondlife:///app/group/d9033443-ffcf-605b-05a3-fe6e6ffc2773/about

5. Do the hands and face move?
- Yes the hands and face AND toes are animated! It's super adorable.

6. Will I be able to make things for this avatar?
- There are a lot of full perm mesh and applier kits already available in world. Contact Mallory Witt and Hana Gloom for more info. 

8. What's FitMesh or Bento?
-  Bento is a new SL skeleton with alot more facial bones that allow you to alter many features on the mesh head to your liking. It also enables finger and toe movements! 
- FitMesh basically lets your body get a little thinner or fatter.  For example, your belly and butt can be made more plump.  It is only a little difference, otherwise the sliders become nearly useless (the broader range they cover, the smaller area that is actually going to work well and not deform the mesh).